I’m Rollo Ellis.



I met my Spirit Guide, Chollis Ellis in 1979 under a chair at University. I heard his voice from time to time over the years –messages and reminders. I saw Chollis again in 1999 in my small bedroom studio. He said  “You are ready now-you are Rollo Ellis.” He never specified “what” I was ready for – but I knew “It” was Spiritual and Creative. The right half of my brain IS literally Rollo Ellis.



You, Me, the Goat and Donuts

Released as my debut album on September 4 2004.

Rollo’s first album – written and recorded at a very difficult time…Change…Challenge…..Alone. A very Cathartic Experience straight from the heart and gut, containing 14 songs.

Rollo Ellis: All instruments.
Recorded Mixed and Produced by: Rollo Ellis.
Mastered by: Joe Gastwirt


Another One of those Odd Red Beetles we Keep Finding.

My second album released on September 1 2010.

Recorded and Mixed at home studio 2009 & 2010. A time of Change and Challenge…and the usual Yin-Yang of things. Playing everything is Yin-Yang too.

Rollo Ellis: Everything.
Recorded, mixed and produced by: Rollo Ellis.
Mastered by: Kurt Otto Peterson


Songs From Under The Stares At The Solitary Elephant Mourning The Blindness Of Humanity

My latest album, published March 4 2014.

16 songs….from the dark side…moving into the Light !

Produced by: Luke Tylim and Rollo Ellis.
Featuring: Luke Tylim, Zia Ziam, Lare Burns and Steve Davies.
Mastered by: Joe Gastwirt


Out on The Edge


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